Watch Transformers Prime Season 3 Episode 9 - Online Full Length

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Watch Transformers Prime Season 3 Episode 9 - Online Full Length. You always follow every episode of your favorite series, Transformers Prime? If yes, then hopefully this could be a good news for you, HUB will air Transformers Prime Season 3 Episode 9 on June 28, 2013. Once again, Evolution is a title given to this exciting episode. Of course, you should do is remember the release date and turn on your television, so you will not miss this opportunity. Let us see a glimpse about the plot of this episode. Megatron doubts Predacon and its allegiance after Predacon reveals a secret of its own. And lucky, here's a video preview / promo you can see. Like what the plot line? The series has been well-received and has won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards. Transformers: Prime is rated TV-Y7-FV. Many references to other Transformers continuities have appeared in the series, but have not been fully explained. Concept: The initial designs of the characters were first shown off at Botcon 2010 at its panel, and later at San Diego Comic Con 2010. Hasbro created a 400-page Transformers production bible titled the "Binder of Revelation", which the production team used as a reference for Prime. Whereas the movies were about a boy and his car, the dynamic between the kids and the robots on Prime was meant to be more like The Iron Giant. Animation here: Digitalscape Company Limited, a Japanese company famous for their work on titles such as Soulcalibur III, Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or Alive Paradise, developed the CGI Animation of Transformers: Prime. Although Digitalscape ran a job fair looking for a talent to work on the production, Polygon Pictures ultimately won. Jose Lopez, character designer, described the animation of the series as "groundbreaking mix of 2D animation and CGI." A show on the level of Transformers: Prime would take about two years to produce, but the animators only had ten months, so five episodes were animated at a time (hence the monthly gaps during a season). Wait till the release date of this episode. After that, through the URL below, you will be able to watch Transformers Prime Season 3 Episode 9 - Online Full Length. We believe this will be an incredible episode.
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